About the Author

13007241_1693378254251549_6589754122998084570_nA Democrat, Congressman X demanded anonymity for his shockingly frank ‘confessions,’ for fear of retribution from his colleagues and constituents. His identity is known only to his editor and confidant, Robert Atkinson, the former chief of staff and press secretary for two Democratic members of Congress. As explained in the Foreword, the book is based on a series of informal conversations Atkinson had with Congressman X over a period of many years.

Atkinson is best known for his highly respected travel newsletter, Hideaway Report, which he wrote under the nom de plume Andrew Harper. He served as Editor-in-Chief for 28 years prior to his retirement in 2007. During that time he was regularly profiled in many leading publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Forbes. He currently resides in Boise, Idaho, where he serves on the Honors College Advisory Board at Boise State University.